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  • CENZ Server
    • Brands:HP, IBM, Sun, Cisco, Dell, EMC
    • Series:Proliant, Integrity, X Series, P Series, Sparc, Netra, Poweredge
    • Hardware:Servers, Disk drives, CPU kits, Memory, Raid & HBA Controllers, NIC & Fibre cards, Cache upgrade & Power supplies
  • CENZ Storage
    • Brands:HP, IBM, Sun, Cisco, Dell, EMC
    • Series:Proliant, Integrity, Sparc, Netra, Poweredge
    • Hardware:Disk Storage shelves, EVA, NAS, SAN, SAS / SATA / SSD/ FC / U320 Disk drives, Controllers, Switches, PDU’s & Cables
  • CENZ Network
    • Brands:Cisco, HP Procurve, Brocade, EMC, Dell
    • Series:CiscoCatalyst 1900 to 7300 series, Cisco Router 800 to 7300 series, HP 5800 / A7500 / E8200 / E2900 / E2500 series
    • Hardware:Switches, Routers, Gbic / SFP / Xenpak / XFP Transceivers, Wan & Wic Cards, Supervisor Engines, Cables & Phones
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    Have we got it or can we get it?

    Over the past twenty years CENZ has established a solid reputation of being fully capable to efficiently supply hardware ranging from the most current market releases all the way through to end of life (EOL) and hard to find items.

    In the event the item you are after isn’t currently being held in stock, then it’s only a click away from being delivered to your door.

    Simply use either the search toolbar or product brand buttons to find out a unit price and delivery time.

  • Fast Delivery

    Fast Delivery

    How long will it take to get here?

    We fully understand and appreciate the necessity of having goods delivered in days rather than weeks. This is why people come to us in the first place.

    So equally important to sourcing is our commitment to have goods delivered within days to your door.

    We achieve this service at no extra cost from our well-established alliances with leading international courier and freight companies.

    These companies also share our vision of offering only the very best delivery service.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Competitive Pricing

    How much?

    By closely monitoring an ever competive marketplace we are able to offer significant savings to our valued customers.

    By simply logging into our website, you have access to our latest pricing and real time stock levels.
    For product not displaying prices there is the opportunity to request a quote.

    Not only do we offer competive unit pricing, but our website factors in additional savings for multiple ordered items.

    We can also offer FTP price and stock level feeds to registered customers in the format needed to integrate with your in-house data‐base.
    Our FTP data is updated daily and covers the leading brands in the our fields of specialty.