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Sun StorEdge L9 Tape Autoloader


X3832A - External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDCI, 2M

X902A - External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 2M

X979A - External SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, 12M

150-1890 - HD68 Wide Differential Terminator with LED

380-0495 - Wide Differential Terminator (HP A1658-62024)


SG-XRMCCARD-L9 - Remote Management Card


SG-XRACKIT-L9 - Rack Mount Kit, contains rack mount tray, rails, brackets, and screws

Removable Media

SG-XMEDDLTCL-10 - Digital Linear Tape (DLT) Cleaning Cartridge

SG-XMEDDLT1CL-1 - Digital Linear Tape 1 (DLT1) Cleaning Cartridge

SG-XMEDDLTCIV-10 - Digital Linear Tape (DLT) Compact IV Data Cartridge

380-0383 - DLT8000 HV Differential SCSI 40-80GB 1/2-Inch Tape Drive (HP C7202-80008)

380-0481 - LTO Drive Assembly

380-0458 - DLT1 LVD/SE 40GB 1/2-Inch Tape Drive


X1062A - Differential Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Host Adapter (DWIS/S)

X1063A - Single-Ended Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Host Adapter (SWIS/S)

X1065A - Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI Host Adapter (UDWIS/S) (HVD)

X6540A - Dual Single-Ended Ultra/Wide SCSI (PCI)

X6541A - Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI (UDWIS/P)(HVD)

X6749A - Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI, (UDWIS/cPCI)(HVD)

Spare Parts

380-0381 - L9 Assembly with DLT8000 Drive

380-0384 - L9 Assembly/FRU without DLT8000 Drive

380-0449 - L9 Assembly/FRU without DLT1 Drive

380-0451 - L9 Assembly/FRU with DLT1 Drive

380-0478 - L9 Assembly with 1 LTO Drive and Veritas NetBackup software

380-0480 - L9 Assembly/FRU without LTO Drive

L9-2600 - Power Supply

L9-2700 - HVDS DLT8000 Autoloader Controller, HP C7200-61501

L9-2800 - LVDS DLT1 Autoloader Controller, HP C7200-61521

L9-2900 - FRU Replacement Guide, HP C7415-90020

L9-3000 - SCSI Jumper Cable, HP C7145-61601

L9-3100 - User's and Service Manual, HP C7145-90050

L9-3200 - US Power Cord, HP C9240DB#ABA

L9-3300 - Rack Mount Tray, Rails, Brackets, and Screws

370-4262 - Empty DLT Tape Magazine

380-0482 - Empty LTO Tape Magazine

L9-3600 - HD68 LVD Terminator, HP 1253-3295