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Sun StorEdge L8 Tape Autoloader


X1136A - Ultra-3 SCSI cable, VHDCI/VHDCI, 0.8M

X3830A - External SCSI Cable (Drive to Host HBA), HD68 to VHDC, 4M

X3831A - External SCSI Cable (Drive to Host HBA), HD68 to VHDC, 10M

X3832A - External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDCI, 2M


SG-XBARCODE-L8 - Barcode Reader Option for LTO based StorEdge L8

SG-XBARCODES-L8 - Barcode Reader Option for SDLT based StorEdge L8

SG-XRACKIT-L8 - Rackmount Option for StorEdge L8

Removable Media

SG-MEDLTO1-20B - LTO1 100GB Data Cartridge (Package of 20)

SG-MEDLTO2-20B - LTO2 200GB Data Cartridge (Package of 20, Barcoded)

SG-MEDLTOCL-10B - LTO Cleaning Cartridges (Package of 10, Barcoded)

SG-MEDSDLT1-20B - SDLT 1 110/160GB Data Cartridge (Package of 20)

SG-XAUTOLTO2-L8 - L8 Autoloader with LTO Gen II SCSI Tape Drive (LVD)

SG-XAUTOSDLT320-L8 - L8 autoloader with SDLT320 Tape Drive (LVD)

SG-MEDSDLTCL-10B - SDLT Cleaning Cartridges (Package of 10)

SG-XAUTOLTO-L8 - L8 Autoloader with LTO Tape Drive (LVD)

SG-XMEDLTO100GB-10 - LTO 100GB Data Cartridge, for LTO1 or LTO2 Drives

SG-XMEDLTO200GB-10 - LTO2 200GB Data Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDLTOUNVCL-10 - LTO Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDSDLT220-10 - SDLT 160GB Data Cartridge

SG-XMEDSDLTCL-10 - SDLT Cleaning Cartridge, SDLT Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)


SG-XPCIE2SCSIU320Z - Dual-Channel Ultra320 LVD SCSI PCI Express Adapter, RoHS:Y

SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z - PCI Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

SGXPCI2SCSILM320-Z - PCI Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter, RoHS:YL

SG-XPCI2SCSI-LM320 - PCI/PCI-X Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

X4422A - Dual GigabitEthernet / Dual SCSI PCI Adapter

X6758A - PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Host Adapter (LVD)

Spare Parts

370-7587 - HD68 LVD/SE Terminator, Amphenol 497040001 (not included)

371-1969 - HD68 LVD/SE Terminator, Amphenol 497040001, RoHS:YL

L8-2900 - NEMA 5-15P AC Power Cord, ADIC 60-9000-02

L8-3000 - LTO Media Labels, ADIC 9-00328-01

L8-3100 - HD68 LVD/SE Terminator with LED, ADIC 61-3020-03