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Sun StorEdge L700, RoHS:YL


X3831A-Z - External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDC, 10M, RoHS:Y

X9733A-Z - Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 5M, RoHS:Y

X9734A-Z - Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 15M, RoHS:Y

X9736A-Z - Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 25M, RoHS:Y

X9738A-Z - Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 50M, RoHS:Y

X9740A-Z - Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 100M, RoHS:Y

Fibre Channel

SG-XPCIE2FCGBE-Q-Z - 4Gb/sec PCI Express Dual FC / Dual Gigabit Ethernet ExpressModule Host Adapter, QLogic, RoHS:Y

SG-XLIBFCCARD-Z - Upgrade Card to Convert L180 & L700 from SCSI to Native Fibre, RoHS:YL


SG-XLIBL700-CAP-Z - 20-Slot Cartridge Access Port (CAP), RoHS:YL

SG-XLIBL700-DOOR-Z - L700 Expansion Door, RoHS:YL

SG-XLIBL700PORT-Z - L700e Pass Thru Port (PTP), RoHS:YL


SG-XLIBL700-2PWR-Z - L700 Redundant Power Supply, RoHS:YL

Removable Media

SG-MEDLTO2-20B - LTO2 200GB Data Cartridge (Package of 20, Barcoded)

SG-MEDLTO3-20B - LTO3 400GB Barcoded Data Cartridge (Package of 20)

SG-MEDLTOCL-10B - LTO Cleaning Cartridges (Package of 10, Barcoded)

SG-XMEDCART-1MAG - 5 Cartridge Media Magazine, RoHS:Y

SG-XMEDLTO3-10 - LTO3 400GB Non-barcoded Data Cartridge (Package of 10)

SG-XTAPLTO3FC-H-Z - L180/L700 LTO3 Fibre Channel HP Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XMED9840-20 - 9840 40GB Data Cartridges (Package of 20)

SG-XMED9840-STRKIT - Kit Includes 100 Cartridges, 5 Cleaning Cartridges, and 100 Barcode Labels

SG-XMED9840CL-5 - 9840 Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 5)

SG-XMED9940-20 - 9940B 200GB Data Cartridges (Package of 20)

SG-XMED9940CL-5 - 9940B Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 5)

SG-XMEDLTO200GB-10 - LTO2 200GB Data Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDLTOUNVCL-10 - LTO Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDSDLT2D-20 - SDLT 600 300GB Data Cartridges (Package of 20, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDSDLTCL-10 - SDLT Cleaning Cartridge, SDLT Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XTAP9840CFC-D-Z - 9840C 2Gb Fibre Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XTAP9940BFC-D-Z - 9940B 2Gb Fibre Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XTAPLTO2S-DRV-Z - L180/L700 LTO2 SCSI Channel Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XTAPLTO3-F4HZ - LTO3 FC HP 4Gb/sec Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XTAPLTO3FC4I - LTO3 Fibre Channel IBM Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XTAPLTO3S-DRV-Z - L180/L700 LTO3 SCSI Tape Drive, RoHS:YL


SG-XTAPSDLT6FC-D-Z - L180/L700 SDLT 600 Fibre Channel Tape Drive, RoHS:YL

SG-XTAPSDLT6S-D-Z - L180/L700 SDLT 600 LVD SCSI Tape Drive,RoHS:YL


SG-XPCIE2SCSIU320Z - Dual-Channel Ultra320 LVD SCSI PCI Express Adapter, RoHS:Y

SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z - PCI Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

SGXPCI2SCSILM320-Z - PCI Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter, RoHS:YL

Spare Parts

L700-4800 - Expansion Frame

L700-4900 - Rear Door

L700-5000 - Tape Drive Access Door

L700-5100 - Right Front Door

L700-5200 - Operator Panel

L700-5300 - Optional Cartridge Access Panel (CAP)

L700-5400 - Standard Cartridge Access Panel (CAP)

L700-5500 - Left Front Door

380-1454 - Horizon Monitoring Software for the L700 Version 2.0 Key Docs (Option SG-XMONLIBSWL700-Z), RoHS:Y

595-5776 - L700 168 Slot Expansion Kit (228 to 396 slots, option SG-XCTXP180A-L700), RoHS:Y

594-3243 - L700 Enclosure, Base Configuration, 228 Slots (Option SG-XLIBL700-BS3-Z), RoHS:YL

594-3248 - L700/L180 Internal Mount Kit for Sun Switches (Option SG-XLIBRAIL-KIT-Z), RoHS:YL