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Sun StorEdge L7 Tape Autoloader


150-1890 - HD68 Wide Differential Terminator with LED


SG-XBARCODE-L7 - Barcode Reader Option for StorEdge L7

SG-XRACKIT-L7 - Rackmount Option for StorEdge L7

Removable Media

SG-XMEDDLTCL-10 - Digital Linear Tape (DLT) Cleaning Cartridge

SG-XAUTODLT8-L7 - L7 Autoloader with 1 DLT8000 Tape Drive and 7 Cartridges

SG-XMEDDLTCIV-10 - Digital Linear Tape (DLT) Compact IV Data Cartridge


X1065A - Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI Host Adapter (UDWIS/S) (HVD)

X6541A - Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI (UDWIS/P)(HVD)

X6749A - Dual Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI, (UDWIS/cPCI)(HVD)

Spare Parts

L7-1000 - AC Power Cord, ADIC 60-9000-02

L7-1100 - RU Replacement Guide, HP C7415-90020

L7-1200 - Type IV Tape, Fuji 26112088, ADIC 39-1064-01

L7-1300 - HD68 HVD Passive Terminator, ADIC 61-1140-01

L7-1400 - Barcode Label 00-099, ADIC 10-1338-01

L7-1500 - Cleaning Tape III, ADIC 39-1048-01

L7-1600 - Barcode Reader Cover, ADIC 18-0147-01

370-4262 - Empty DLT Tape Magazine