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Sun StorEdge C4 Library


380-1504 - C4 Backplane, RoHS:Y

380-1533 - C4 Backplane


X9733A-Z - Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 5M, RoHS:Y

X1138A - Ultra-3 SCSI cable, VHDCI/VHDCI, 2M

X3830A - External SCSI Cable (Drive to Host HBA), HD68 to VHDC, 4M

X3831A - External SCSI Cable (Drive to Host HBA), HD68 to VHDC, 10M

X3832A - External SCSI Cable, HD68 to VHDCI, 2M

380-1558 - Hand Umbilical Cable

Fibre Channel

SG-XFCCARD2-C - LVD SCSI to Fibre Channel Card, Quantum PR-UU9CF-SU

SG-XFCCARD2-C-Z - LVD SCSI to Fibre Channel Card Quantum PC-UU9CF-SU, RoHS:Y


SG-XMAGLTO-C - LTO Magazine, Quantum PR-UU9MZ-SU, RoHS:Y

SG-XMAGSDLT-C - SDLT Magazine, Quantum PR-UU9NZ-SU, RoHS:Y

380-1503 - C4 0 Drive Chassis, RoHS:YL

380-1506 - C4 Hand Assembly, RoHS:Y

380-1532 - C4 0 Drive Chassis

380-1534 - C4 Hand Assembly


SG-XREDPWR-C - Redundant Power Supply, Quantum PR-UU9PZ-SU

SG-XREDPWR-C-Z - Redundant Power Supply Quantum PC-UUPZ-SU, RoHS:YL


SR9-XKM038A-IP - Sun Rack 900-38 with PDS

SRK-XAZ042A-IP - Sun Rack 1000-42 with PDS

SRK-XRS038A-IP - Sun Rack 1000-38 with PDS

X6826A - Filler Panel Kit for Sun Rack

X6828A - Power Cable for Sun Rack, RoHS:Y

Removable Media

SG-MEDLTO2-20B - LTO2 200GB Data Cartridge (Package of 20, Barcoded)

SG-MEDLTO3-20B - LTO3 400GB Barcoded Data Cartridge (Package of 20)

SG-MEDLTOCL-10B - LTO Cleaning Cartridges (Package of 10, Barcoded)

SG-XLIBLTOS-C4 - 38-Slot LTO Library Base

SG-XLIBSDLTS-C4 - 32-Slot SDLT Library Base

SG-XMEDLTO3-10 - LTO3 400GB Non-barcoded Data Cartridge (Package of 10)

SG-XTAPLTO2S-C - LTO2 SCSI Tape Drive, Quantum PR-UU2QA-SU

SG-XTAPSDLT6S-C - SDLT600 SCSI Tape Drive, Quantum PR-UU1QA-SU

DLTS4-FC4G-C4-Z - C-Series DLT-S4 4Gb FC Tape Drive Quantum PC-UU8QC-SU, RoHS:Y

DLTS4-SCSI-C4-Z - C-Series DLT-S4 SCSI Tape Drive Quantum PC-UUAQA-SU, RoHS:Y

LTO3-HP4FC-C4-Z - LTO3-HP-FC 4Gb Tape Drive Quantum PC-UULQC-SU, RoHS:Y

SG-XMEDLTO200GB-10 - LTO2 200GB Data Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDLTOUNVCL-10 - LTO Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDSDLT2D-20 - SDLT 600 300GB Data Cartridges (Package of 20, Non-barcoded)

SG-XMEDSDLTCL-10 - SDLT Cleaning Cartridge, SDLT Cleaning Cartridge (Package of 10, Non-barcoded)

SG-XTAPLTO2S-C-Z - LTO2 LVD SCSI Tape Drive (full-height) Quantum PC-UU2QA-SU, RoHS:Y

SG-XTAPLTO3FC-C - LTO3 FC Tape Drive Quantum PC-UU5QC-SU, RoHS:Y

SG-XTAPLTO3S-C - LTO3 SCSI Tape Drive, Quantum PR-UU3QA-SU

SG-XTAPLTO3S-C-Z - LTO3 LVD SCSI Tape Drive (full-height) Quantum PC-UU3QA-SU, RoHS:Y

SG-XTAPSDLT6FC-C - SDLT600 FC Tape Drive Quantum PC-UU4QC-SU, RoHS:Y



SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z - PCI Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

SGXPCI2SCSILM320-Z - PCI Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter, RoHS:YL

SG-XPCI1SCSI-LM320 - PCI/PCI-X Single Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

SG-XPCI2SCSI-LM320 - PCI/PCI-X Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

X2222A - Dual Ultra-2 SCSI/Dual FastEthernet PCI Adapter

X4422A - Dual GigabitEthernet / Dual SCSI PCI Adapter

X6758A - PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Host Adapter (LVD)

System Controller

380-1507 - C4 System Control Board (SCSI), RoHS:Y

380-1508 - C4 System Control Board (FC)

380-1535 - C4 System Control Board (SCSI)

Spare Parts

C4-8400 - Power Cord, Quantum 17-00606

C4-8500 - Rackmount Kit, Quantum 70-85778-01

C4-8600 - Ethernet Crossover Cable, Quantum 17-80416-01

C4-8700 - Terminator, Quantum 455213

C4-8800 - Ultra-320 SCSI Cable, VHDCI68 to HD68, .5m, Quantum 17-80192-05 (SCSI Controller to First Drive)

C4-8900 - Ultra-320 SCSI Cable, VHDCI68 to HD68, .75m, Quantum 17-80192-06

C4-9000 - Ultra-320 SCSI Cable, HD68 to HD68, .4m, Quantum 17-80192-07 (First Drive to Second Drive)